Grand jury indicts former Pedernales General Manager, longtime lawyer

See the articles in the Austin American Statesman:

Grand jury indicts former Pedernales leader, longtime lawyer June 18

Many enablers led to indictments in scandal June 20

Indictments say pair directed co-op money to relatives of PEC executives June 20

3 comments to Grand jury indicts former Pedernales General Manager, longtime lawyer

  • Nancy Arnold

    I have a real problem every winter, with PEC. You see, I only use electricity for lights, refrigerators(2), freezer(1) and an electric cooktop. I have a butane water heater and we use, exclusively, a wood burning stove. There is nothing that is electric with the woodstove…it is a steel, wood box with doors…..NO electricity. In light of this, my electricity bill went up from $117 last Dec to $155 in Jan. I ask PEC why this was and they told me it was “fuel costs”. They do this every year and I am totally ticked off about this. I believe that they are making everybody help pay for the Christmas lights that they have at PEC and the county courthouse, but of course, they deny that is true.
    Does anyone else have this complaint?

  • David Glaze

    I recently moved to the Dripping Springs area in July 09. Just about everyone that I dealt with during the move talked very badly about Pedernales Electric. Some went so far as to say they were “evil”. I took the approach that my wife and I would make our own conclusion. I moved from an 1800 sq ft home to about a 3000 sq ft home. I expected the electric bill to go up proportionally, which it did. We did a lot of demoing in the house in July and August. We had 3 AC’s running during the 100 degree weather of those months; had a jackhammer running for a couple of weekends, and a large table saw working daily. All other electrical activities at full use. Our largest bill during this electricity-pulling time was a little over $300. No problem. I came home early one day to find a PEC truck and workers on the transformer outside of my house. They said they were doing some things to handle “more power” for the system.
    Then we received our November bill while using the heaters. $498!!! We were stunned. In 30 years of living in apartments and houses in the Dallas/Ft Worth area and around the Austin area, I had never seen a bill even half of that. Nowhere close. I called PEC and talked with a young woman that with her attitude I imagined sitting there filing her nails and making “who cares” faces to her co-workers. Didn’t care a lick. Just said that it costs more to heat a home than to cool it and wouldn’t let me speak to a supervisor.
    Consequently, my wife and I went through our house and “sealed” it the best we could. Towels under doors, plastic in areas we were working in that air could come in. Turned the heat upstairs down to about 65, the heat downstairs to about 60, and spent almost all of our time in the mother-n-law plan former garage with a wall unit turned down to 68. We just received our December bill. $570!!! Let me repeat that. FIVE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY DOLLARS…for one month. We’ve talked with a couple of people who this time were very professional and helpful, but the bottom line is they claim that it is just because it takes more to heat a home than to cool it. I call BS!!!
    Yesterday, we read the meter at 6am and then at 6pm. An indicated 59 kWh used while we were NOT even there, the upstairs heater at 65, the one wall unit at 65, and the downstairs heater turned off. I averaged in the dog days of summer in my former 1800 sqft home 30 kWh per day. They want me to believe that 3ACS, Jackhammers, power saws, everything on in 100 degree weather pulls less energy than 1 heater at 65 upstairs, the downstairs heater off, and only essential appliances/systems on. 1/2 as much.
    We have consequently cancelled our Valentines/Birthday getaway to San Antonio to pay for our insane electric bill. Thank you so much PEC for robbing. What a nice welcome to the Hill Country. What I was told in the beginning about PEC is true. I plan on writing and contacting any and everyone that will listen.

  • Hill Country Native

    PEC is known for the tactics… They replaced a perfectly good pole near my driveway and caused several hundreds of dollars worth of damage. If you guess they said they had they right to you would be guessing right. They are some of the rudest people you could meet who work in the offices.

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