[Watchdogs] We were number one bad now we're number one good!

Merle L. Moden mlmoden at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 12:59:46 CST 2010


I agree.  It's pretty scary that the PEC is highly ranked among electric 
coops, given recent history.

Clearly, we have come a long way from the darkest days, but we are still 
near dawn in illuminating the activities of the PEC.  Only when the 
light shines on the PEC like the sun shines at high noon on a clear 
August day will we achieve that which will begin to ensure transparency 
at the PEC.  I have attempted to get PEC financial and statistical 
transparency in the member bill of rights to no avail.

The ongoing problem of member apathy has few solutions.  Even many of us 
who have been engaged tire as the "reform" process plays out in slow motion.

I remember a poster in a state politician's office many years ago that 
said of all the words used to describe successful endeavors, the word 
tenacity was the most important.  I believe that assessment was 
correct.  One of the best examples of tenacity that comes to mind is 
General George Washington's travails in successfully prosecuting the 
Revolutionary War.  I try to remember the images of Valley Forge in the 
Winter of 1777-1778, when my frustration with the pace of reforms makes 
me want to disengage.


Clyde Doyal wrote:
> I find this rather interesting and certainly surprising.  If PEC ranks 
> among the best it paints a very dismal picture of electric coops.  I 
> do think we owe thanks to those who have worked so hard to make the 
> few changes that we have seen over the last two years.  I think some 
> are becoming discouraged at the lack of progress and probably are 
> ready to throw in the towel as it appears the majority of members of 
> the PEC could care less how this cash cow outfit is run as long as the 
> power stays on.  Clyde Doyal, Lakeway
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